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Stage of development

Abaturov is a real family name.
Merchant class was associated with the development of various means of transport
communication and modes of transport.
At the beginning of the XVII century, shipbuilding developed in the city of Romanov on the
Volga, ships were built – the “Romanovki”, which were distinguished by their speed and
maneuverability. Trade flourished.
Abaturov – the founder of the merchant dynasty – began his business with large deliveries of
“fur” and “mitten” goods. As they used to say, “I got bread by tug.”
In the twentieth century, the transport dynasty was continued by an automobile engineer,
colonel engineer, Alexander Ionovich Abaturov, a participant in the Soviet-Finnish and Great
Patriotic Wars, who during the years of the Great Patriotic War was awarded the Order of the
Red Star for combat feat.
The tradition today continues the company “AbaturoFF”, the founders of which have been
engaged in the international transportation of goods since 1997
«AbaturoFF» is exclusive transportation.
The company “AbaturoFF” carries out transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes,
including industrial, oil and gas equipment, road, construction equipment, metal structures,
defense equipment, components of complex machines, transportation of ships and other
non-standard cargoes.

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