Transportation from China

The main specialization of the AbaturoFF group of companies is the transportation of goods from China

The People’s Republic of China occupies one of the leading places in the world in terms of production of goods in demand in many countries of the world.

There are varieties of transportation of goods from China: mixed (multimodal) and transportation by one mode of transport (by air, rail or road).

The main advantages of AbaturoFF transport services are:

– reliability of transportation;
– minimum terms (duration) of delivery;
– regularity;
– guaranteed delivery times, including the delivery of goods on time;
– transportation safety;
– ensuring the safety of cargo upon delivery; convenience in receiving and delivering goods;
– availability of additional services;
– the presence of various levels of transport services;
– flexibility of service;
– escort of cargo to the final destination;
– the possibility of customs clearance (payment of customs duty, etc.);
– the ability to obtain operational information about the transportation and location of the goods;
– availability of the necessary transport packaging;
– availability of the necessary handling equipment.

Despite the unity of the signs of services of various modes of transport, each of them has only the inherent process of providing services, which implies certain advantages and disadvantages of using various vehicles. “AbaturoFF” correctly selects transport for the optimal price and for specific consumer tasks.

When choosing a transport and transportation methods from / to China, consider:

  • delivery terms;
  • allowable budget for expenses;
  • delivery conditions
  • cargo characteristics (weight, dimensions, cargo description)
  • given the characteristics of the cargo, the conditions for loading and unloading, etc.

Types of cargo transportation from China by our company:

Sea freight

Sea freight from China is the most affordable and common method of delivery. The established cooperation of AbaturoFF Group with the largest sea lines allows us to offer the most favorable prices for sea freight.

We carry out:

  • sea container transportation of goods – FCL (Full Container load), as the most economical option for transporting goods from China.
  • Sea transportation of groupage cargoes – LCL (Less Container load), which are carried out to deliver any consignment of goods in full safety in the shortest possible time from any port of China.


Multimodal freight transportation

Multimodal transportation of goods from China is the most optimal option for the delivery of goods, because combines phase transport with several modes of transport (sea, rail, road, air), which can be combined in any combination.

Multimodal transportation of goods can significantly reduce not only the delivery time, but also its cost, so you can deliver goods from China to anywhere in the world without losing time and money.

The number of multimodal freight transportation services from China provided by our company includes:

  • multimodal container transportation – FCL, as one of the most popular ways of transporting goods from China. We have experience working both with standard types of container equipment, and with containers that allow the transportation of oversized, heavy, dangerous goods, as well as goods requiring temperature conditions.
  • multimodal transportation of groupage cargoes – LCL: the logistic schemes of multimodal transportation of groupage cargo offered by the AbaturoFF group of companies are characterized by optimality, profitability, efficiency and comfort for customers. The quality of the service we provide will be unchanged, regardless of how much cargo needs to be transported: from 1 m3 to 15 m3 or from 100 kg to 100 tons.

Air cargo

The most reliable and fastest delivery option is considered to be air transportation of goods from China, but at the same time, this method is one of the most expensive.

Due to the fact that China is one of AbaturoFF priority areas of cargo transportation, we have established work with local agents and with all airlines serving the largest international airports in China.

You can always ask our specialists for an individual calculation of the cost of transportation and get comprehensive comments on air cargo.

Rail freight from China

The most popular and sought-after type of delivery is the rail transportation of goods from China, because they are based on the optimal combination of timing, price and quality.

Our company offers:

  • calculate the railway tariff,
  • develop an optimal transportation route,
  • advise on the organization and design of railway supplies,
  • provide freight forwarding services,
  • organize loading and unloading operations,
  • complete all necessary documentation,
  • provide full documentary support and much more.

Trucking from China and to China

In addition to the above options for the transportation of goods, we also carry out trucking from China, but they are most often used to deliver goods to regions close to China, because vehicles in the People’s Republic of China are considered seasonal modes of transport. Also, the ability to deliver goods by road with transshipment.

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