Express delivery of goods from Europe to 3t

AbaturoFF express delivery is an international fast delivery service that including your solutions: safe, reliable, fast, efficient, with dedicated couriers to move your cargo.

Use AbaturoFF express delivery for:
• deliveries to / from Europe
• consumer and business deliveries,
• B2B and B2C delivery solutions,
• palletized cargo,
• cartons & boxes,
• exports and imports,
• temperature requirements cargo,
• weight from 50 kg to 3 tons

AbaturoFF express delivery Customer service support
• fast, convenient delivered with door-to-door
• daily tracking means you’ll know the exact location of your delivery
• simplified pricing

AbaturoFF express delivery works with cargoes of various types, classes, categories and properties, transportation and storage methods, including:
• Cargo carried in a liquid state: oil and oil products; chemical substances in liquid form; food cargoes.
• General cargo: metal products; packaged goods; piece cargo.
• Regime cargo: not perishable; perishable (frozen, chilled, not requiring a hard temperature; requiring ventilation).
• ADR dangerous goods: flammable liquids; flammable substances and materials; oxidizing substances and organic peroxides; poisonous (toxic) substances; caustic and corrosive substances; other dangerous substances.
• As well as fragile goods, flowers, expensive goods and others.

Destinations and geographical coverage of Express delivery AbaturoFF
• countries of Western Europe
• countries of Eastern Europe (Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic)
• Nordic countries (Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Estonia)
• countries of Southern Europe, including: Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro
• and Kazakhstan, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Republic of Cyprus