International transportation is a professional approach to every transportation!

International transportation is the fastest, safest and most affordable way to transfer goods to anywhere in the world. Constantly developing transport structure gives more and more opportunities for transportation by road transport in any directions. However, only those services provided by responsible transport companies will be of high quality.

What works include international transportation?

The international cargo transportation offered by our organization is not just the delivery of goods from one point to another, but an extensive list of services, including the following:

  • All organizational arrangements for loading and transporting goods.
  • Informing at any stage of the delivery of the customer and the location of the cargo and estimated time of arrival.
  • Operative advice on any issues arising in relation to transportation.

Choosing cooperation with us, it will be possible to have confidence in the safety, reliability and efficiency of international transportation of goods, the cost of which is the most affordable.

What are the advantages of international transportation?

Logistics services are an integral part of the effective operation of almost any enterprise, production facilities or private organization. It is for this reason that international transport accounts for as much as 27% of the total volume of all traffic.

Choosing for delivery international road transport, it will be possible to obtain a large number of valuable advantages:

  • Efficiency. For each order, its own international message is selected, so that delivery will be performed much faster and safer.
  • Unlimited opportunities. This kind of service allows you to connect a variety of parties – both small and large.
  • Affordable cost. Whichever luggage or cargo does not need to be transported, the transportation offered by our company will become an affordable service for everyone.
  • Lack of additional documentation. Thanks to the fact that our company is the official customs carrier in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus, no additional guarantees are needed to transport goods in the customs transit mode.

Features of transportation with our company, which has a license of a customs carrier

  1. Low price compared to bail and insurance.
  2. The price for registration of documents is announced in advance and does not change.
  3. We carry out transportation to Kazakhstan.
  4. The cost of services does not include premiums for the services of agents.
  5. The registration process takes a minimum amount of time.
  6. During the preparation of documentation at the border there is a customs service and a carrier.
  7. The possibility of convoying is completely excluded.
  8. Can be transported.

In order to take advantage of all these advantages, it is enough to contact the employees of our company.

At the request of the client, we can optimize costs and make transportation without TIR under the guarantee of an authorized customs representative in the countries of the customs union.