Heavy & Outsize cargo transportation

Oversized cargo is considered to be cargo according to one of the parameters, taking into account the vehicle: height above 4 meters, 2.55 meters wide, more than 20 meters long, and weighing more than 38 tons.

Delivery of heavy, oversize cargo is one of the most complicated types of transportation. AbaturoFF Group has long and successfully specialized in the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo.
Our more than 10 years of experience in the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, as well as a network of delivery partners, allow us to provide transportation of special cargo anywhere in the world.

We understand how important your oversized cargo is for growth of your business.

Why we are able to justify your trust in us?
• We are aware of the requirements and laws of different countries related to the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo
• We have specially trained highly qualified personnel who are able to respond quickly to any situation
• We are especially careful when handling of oversize cargo and control at each stage of transportation
• AbaturoFF success is based on efficient cooperation with the customer and transportation of cargo by pre-planned routes and well-established logistics schemes.
• Due to the great experience in this area of logistics, and the multitude of similar transportations AbaturoFF Group has proven itself perfectly as a reliable and trusted partner in organization of non-standard cargoes transportation, which is confirmed by a large number of satisfied customers.
• We also reduce the potential risks of transportation, therefore, non-standard cargoes, which exceed the standard sizes in length, width, or height, will be delivered in the same condition they were sent, without damage.

We offer the following services:
• evaluation of all parameters of cargo and its preparation for transportation;
• development of an individual transportation project for any cargo;
• development of an appropriate transportation route, taking into account cargo parameters and condition of the roads leading to the destination;
• preparation in the shortest possible time of all necessary documentation for transportation, obtaining permits for transportation of oversize cargo;
• organization of loading and unloading operations, fixation of cargo carried out according to established norms;
• cargo management in transshipment and logistics centers;
• oversize cargo insurance taking into account specificity and risks;
• we can also provide forwarding and, if desired, even paramilitary security.